Who runs the Oasis?

Tom Thumb started with www.roadjunky.com back in 2004 and it quickly attracted a community of interesting travelers intent on sharing their experiences on and off the road, their stories and guides saying as much about who they were as where they had been.

The Road Junky Film Festival in Berlin took things another step forwards with alternative media and 500 travelers came together to watch short films about the road and listen to engaging talks from nomads.

The Road Junky Sahara Retreat embodied a more intimate feeling as a group of 25 people came together in the sand dunes of Morocco to explore the journey within. So much magic came out of these retreats that Tom eventually decided to open up the Oasis in Bulgaria. It’s a new project and there’s a lot to learn but essentially it’s all about creating the kind of space that travelers, creatives and free thinkers rarely find elsewhere.

In the meanwhile Tom continues with his storytelling, writing books (next one about the Rainbow Gatherings coming soon) and writing foolish songs.