What is the Oasis?

The Road Junky Oasis is where we go beyond travel.

It’s a place open to wanderers, creatives, anyone who recognizes that ultimately the only real journey is inwards.

Everyone can be an artist

The Oasis will be situated near a beach in South Italy (still searching for a location)and is a place to come to think, dream, learn and meet new people. With good food, music around the fire, wild nature to explore, workshops from visiting teachers, art materials and a  well-stocked library, it’s a chance to unplug and find yourself even as you meet others.

There are quiet spaces for meditation, a library stocked with books, an arts space with materials to get creative, a camp fire where we sing and talk at night and the beach nearby.

tents, tipis and yurts make community

We will make music and sing together, cook and tell stories in a warm and friendly atmosphere as we form rewarding friendships – some of which will last for life. If you’re looking for time alone, however, you can walk off into nature and just come back to eat and get warm around the fire at night.

We’ll sleep in large canvas tents and temporary structures made from wood and bamboo, and we’ll be eating delicious vegetarian food grown locally and we’ll make our own bread, pizza and cakes.

The Road Junky Oasis is here for you when you want to take time out, get recharged and get back out there to save the world!