How do I get there?

To be confirmed!

Can I turn up whenever I want?

Basically each week starts on a Sunday when we pick everyone up and ends on the Saturday when we take you out again. Generally speaking a week is the minimum stay – we want to get to know you! Feel free to ask though if you have a different time window.

Is the Oasis a community? Can I live there?

Nope! The Oasis is a temporary place to rest and recharge, get inspired and then get on back out there to make your world – and everyone else’s – a better place to be. You can stay for several weeks, however. It all depends on how we get along and what’s going on in the Oasis at the time.

Where do we sleep?

The house has beds to accommodate around 15 people and there are comfy tents in the garden with mattresses to host another 10 or so. You can also bring your own tent and find your own quiet corner. There are bathrooms and beds but remember that the Oasis is not a hostel so please be understanding with the relatively simple conditions!
Bring a sleeping bag!

What will we eat?

The food will be mostly vegetarian  and we’ll eat mostly seasonal food. We have a bread and pizza oven so you can learn to bake, too.

What do we do all day?

Most of the time there will be at least one workshop a day in the afternoon from a visiting teacher and we will also have nights of music and singing, pizza making sessions by the wood oven in the evenings, and storytelling around a fire in the woods or a roaring furnace in the house. You’re free to also share your skills and knowledge, propose activities, walk to the lake for a swim or just grab a book and disappear into the forest for a while.

Will there be any booze?

For the moment we want to keep the Oasis alcohol-free. We’re looking to improve our communication with ourselves and each other in a conscious way and taking a break from drinking allows us to do that.

Can I get internet there?

Yes, we will have wireless internet turned on for some hours each afternoon – we don’t want it to degenerate into a hostel where everyone only talks to their laptop!

How Much Does it Cost?

We ask everyone to give 12 and a half euros for each night they stay at the Oasis which covers the stay, food and running costs.

This is not a for-profit project but we don’t want to go broke either and the Oasis has taken considerable amounts of time, energy and money to get going.

Can I volunteer?

Everyone is a volunteer at the Oasis. There are always things to do – gathering wood, cooking, cleaning up, making jam, doing handstands – so the idea is to come and really take part as much as possible. This is your home!

Are you a bunch of dreamy hippies?

Only in the best possible sense of the word. We want to bring people together of diverse backgrounds and interests to share and learn what each has to offer. Everyone is welcome at the Oasis as long as you come with an open mind.

Do I have to be into spirituality to come?

The Oasis is more about spirit than spirituality and everyone has that. It’s a place where you get to ask yourself the big questions about life, the Universe and Dogs, but you don’t need to believe in anything to come and we don’t wander around singing to the spirits of the trees. Well, most of us don’t…